As a motorcyclist himself, Mississippi motorcycle accident attorney Andy Stewart enjoys travelling down many of Mississippi’s top roads. Whether it’s a ride on the Red Bluff Run, the Natchez Trace Parkway or another great scenic stretch, the Magnolia State offers an abundance of curvy roads offering great scenery and relaxation. 

However, while there is much for Mississippi motorcyclist to enjoy, there are significant dangers posed by unsafe drivers whose negligent actions continue to cause accidents resulting in severe injuries and death. Even when a motorcyclist is riding cautiously, accidents are caused commonly by a car making a left-hand turn, motorist not paying attention at intersections, open door accidents and cases where smaller bikes are hidden in blind spots or because motorcycles are harder to detect at night or in poor weather conditions.

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Accident reports point out that motorcyclists injured in accidents are often the victims of negligence. Every negligence claim is made up of four key fundamentals: a duty, a breach of that duty, an injury caused by the breach, and damages suffered by the plaintiff. All motor vehicle drivers owe a duty of care to people utilizing public thoroughfares. 

This includes bicyclists, pedestrians, and other drivers—including motorcyclists. When a driver fails to uphold that duty by being distracted, careless, drowsy or intoxicated and ends up causing an accident which results in injury or death to another person, the driver may be held civilly liable to the injured party in a negligence claim.

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